Relevancy and Summary


Pornography goes where the new source of entertainment is. The introduction of pornography to mobile devices and the use of new technologies like 3D television proves that it can adapt to any media, and usually is one of the first to adapt to said media, sometimes making it the standard. Pornography can grow where ever media grows and can make or break new technologies. Many new gadgets have internet access allowing for access to pornography at all times. Even new game consoles have internet browsers. New tools are expected to be put on the internet and along with that ability comes the access to pornography. Pornography may change forms but will always exist in human culture, and will always evolve to be part of new forms of media (Gross, 2010).

Summary of Main Points
  • Pornography is a multi-billion dollar a year industry that has a hand in almost all current entertainment technologies.
  • Pornography addiction and childhood exposure to pornography as well as the relationship issues that the abuse of pornography can cause are major drawback to the increase of internet pornography use.
  • Use of the Internet is seen as a human right by many people however, many religious organizations condemn pornography as unethical.

Transition Statement:
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