Identified Problems and Solutions

Security and Trust issues

xxxxx‍Security is a big issue that is enforced in our everyday lives. Even if it's someone stealing, killing, breaking and entering; security will be enforced. However, in the electronic world, leaving information unprotected can lead to a hacker backdooring and installing a keylogger which is a giant security factor. E-commerces' security issue did not meet to the expectation of keeping a site and customer data safe. CNNs McCarthy & Mills (McCarthy & Mills, 1999) tackled this issue with some intriguing information right before the dot-com boom. Blarg Online Services hosted E-commerce sites for companies. Joe Harris, systems administrator forBlarg Online Services discovered incredible news. More than 100 online stores hosted by Blarg were revealing customer names, addresses, credit card numbers, and other purchasinginformation. Director of TRUSTe Bob Lewin stated, "With the growth of theInternet and the use of E-commerce, you're going to get more of these situations......privacy breaches."

xxxxxThe Obama Administration (Administration releases strategy, 2011) have announced the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC) in effort to enchance onlinesecurity, privacy, and the elimination to memorize passwords. These are some of the ideas that given for security enhancements:
  • Smart Phone Transactions: Which is a digital certificate that resides an app. for a phone. A short 4 digit pin/password will be required.
  • Age Appropriate Access: This is more directed toward the adolescent demographic in where most them can get into online chat rooms. This is a creditential that verifys age, but does not reveal birth date, name, or other information.
Another method is really working is the "Visual Verification" technique, alsoknown as the "Captcha Project". This technique blocks web robots from accessing the consumers database.

external image passport_captcha.png

xxxxxCrimes such as identity theft and security breaches on consumers information is a huge felony. LaToya Irby (Irby, 2010), a personal finance guru found some outstanding information based on the 2010 report on identity fraud occurances from 2009. Here the key highlights:
  • 11.1 million adults were victims of identity theft in 2009.
  • The total fraud amount was $54 billion.

ID Theft Statistics: Javelin 2010 Identity Theft Report
ID Theft Statistics: Javelin 2010 Identity Theft Report


  • Clear the cache after purchasing an item from a website.
  • Have a firewall turned on at all times. This could detect if a hacker is trying to attack the computer.
  • Do not save information on a web browser. There are a great majority of hackers that are willing to use a simple "one-two-three" click program to steal information. According to the Javelin 2010 Identity Theft report chart above, there are 11.1M+ Americans that are still falling victim to this catastrophe.
  • Monitor credit card account balances at least weekly, via online, mobile, ATM, or by bank.
  • For phone users.....Turn off bluetooth and wi-fi. One is still sending out viable information without even knowing it. Remember, smartphones are relatively new
  • Use programs such as 'MasterCard SecureCode' which is verified by Visa. This program requires consumers to remember passwords and log in details.

Websites Setbacks


xxxxx‍‍‍‍For companies that provide a website to purchase products and services online, on site sales have decreased significantly.‍‍ Individuals are now turning towards online purchases as opposed to purchasing products and services at the direct and physical location.
xxxxxThere are many issues that affect the success of an e-commerce website. Below are a few problems that an e-commerce website may encounter. (Camp,2000).‍‍

  1. Convenience – When individuals decide to make a purchase online, they expect to do it quickly and easily with as little hassle and “catches” as possible. In addition, they hope to be fully aware of all the “small print” when they are making a purchase(Camp,2000).
  2. Website infrastructure – when an organization does not take the time to create a fully organized and functional site, potential customers will seek to find easier and better services elsewhere(Rahman & Bignall,2001).
  3. Horrible customer assistance – Not having an accessible page where contact information is listed is definitely a turn off to buyers. Shoppers need to feel secure and comfortable when buying products and services online and need to feel assured that if there are any problems they will be able to find help and be protected(Downing, 2006).


XXXXXFor individuals who want to start a new business but do not have enough money to open an onsite location, e-commerce may be the best way to go. Opening an onsite store is not less competitive as opposed to starting an online business. All it takes is a vision and imagination. There are many ways to fix the website setbacks that an e-commerce site may have(Downing, 2006).

  1. Convenience - the business owner must ensure that the website informs all customers of all fees, taxes and or delivery charges that are included in their sale. In order to build good customer loyalty, it is important to be honest and avoid deception in the website. Ensuring that the website would be easy to understand by anyone is essential(Camp,2000).
  2. Website infrastructure – Potential buyers need the ability to navigate from page to page on the business website with ease. An unorganized website can send a potential customer elsewhere. A business owner cannot afford to lose customers because of lack of functionality. Ensuring that the page is user friendly is extremely imperative to the success of the organization(Rahman & Bignall,2001).
  3. Horrible customer service – Guaranteeing customers with protection and 24/7 customer service is essential in these modern days as customers shop 24/7 and may have questions about products, services, insurance, delivery and billing. A page listing various phone numbers, fax numbers and email address is a definite necessity(Downing, 2006).

‍‍‍‍Product Retrieval‍‍‍‍

xxxxxA major problem associated with E-Commerce involves the retrieval of the product. Since a consumer is not physically able to touch the product being purchased, they must put their trust in the producer to safely deliver the product, even if the product is digital. The producer must be able to properly handle any problems that the consumer may have and with any returns and/or replacement of any malfunctioning and/or damaged products. Below are some of the problem that can occur in the delivery and retrieval of the product from the producer.


  • The product could be damaged or malfunctioning on arrival or during use.
  • The product could be corrupted or have trouble downloading(digital products).
  • Improper packaging and/or missing parts.
  • The product can be lost the mail.
  • A product could be out of stock delaying the delivery.
  • The wrong product could be sent out or ordered.
  • Delivery dates could be miscalculated.


  • Tech support
  • Customer Support
  • Package tracking
  • Warranties
  • Return dates

xxlxlxlHaving some form of Tech support/Customer Support is of great importance to many consumer when purchasing a product via E-Commences. Tech support/Customer Support gives the consumer a sense of control and reassurance when using E-Commences. It allows the consumer to report problems, get status updates and get general information on their purchased product. Running a E-Commence business requires a good reputation and reviews from their consumers can be the deciding aspect to whether a business does well or not. Having a well set up Tech support/Customer support system can really help a business get the reputation they need to keep going (Oldenburger, Lehto, Feinberg, Lehto, & Salvendy, 2008).
xxxxxPackage tracking allows the consumer to track their order at any time to see its status. With package tracking the consumer can see if their order has been ship and the dates and time of the arrivals and departures at each check point along the delivery's schedule path. Being able to see this type of schedule allows the consumers correctly judge the arrival of their order and if any complication have happened along the way (Oldenburger, et al., 2008).

Transition Statement:
The next page will look at some ethical issues associated with E-Commerce.

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