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Impacts of Technology




xxxxxIn this day ‍and ‍age there are a stunning number of E-commerce websites that give people the opportunity to purchase goods and services. The purchases of all products such as apparel, food, cosmetics and electronics have an effect on the economy. and are both well known and great examples of successful e-commerce websites. was number one in unique website visitors for the year 2010, with about 76.7 million different visitors. In addition, had 67.7 million unique visitors ("Amazon, Ebay Get," 2010). In fact, e-commerce has become so convenient and technologically advanced that appointments for medical services and even your local DMV can be made online. is a well known website that allows individuals to find local doctors in their zip code and make an appointment instantly ("Amazon, Ebay Get," 2010). E-commerce affects the economy significantly because not only does purchases and sales take place, but it also has an enormous effect on the job market. It creates jobs for individuals who are interested in the creation of websites and the maintenance of websites, credit card processing, security and many other positions. E-commerce also allows the company to create profiles for specific customers. For example, when a customer searches for a specific product, below the items are other products that the customer may be interested in. These items are chosen based on their previous searches and a profile is created. is a website that takes full advantage of this technology (Rahman & Bignall, 2001).


‍xxxxxTransactions that are electronic are becoming more and more common. Security has been enchanced, especially in this technological based society. These are some of the key components that have increased web security (Ecommerce security issues, n.d.):

‍Digital Signatures

This is used to authenticate a user.
external image digitalsignaturecapture.jpg


This is to verify that a user is sending a message as he/she claims to be.
external image digitalcertificate.pic1.jpeg

‍SSL (Secure Socket Layers)

A secure transaction between web servers and browsers.
external image firefox_3_ssl_certificate_warning.png


Protects servers/network/individual PC from viruses and hackers attempting to backdoor.

external image 2431231.png


xxxxxThe information and communication technologies that are available today are steadily reaching all corners of the world. These advancements in information and communication technologies, mainly the internet, has greatly influenced the way that the world preforms transactions of goods and services. These advancements have also influenced many countries to progress into this digital age to further stimulate their economies.
xxxxxMalaysian has recently been trying fully maximize the use of the internet to bring the benefits of E-Commerce to their businesses. The Malaysian government believed that the use of information and communication technologies would be a strategic driver to the stimulation of their economy. There are still some challenges that the Malaysian government faces that keep them from completing this transition. The number one reason is the cost of doing this is too high for the Malaysian government to do it on their own. They need foreign investment and the people to help but they are hindering due to uncertainty. Security and privacy are key obstacles and if they are not taken care of will most likely backfire on the government and a lot of money will be lost in the process. The use of E-Commerce will allow Malaysian to do business on a global scale and allow them to join the rest of the world in this modern style of trade (Jehangir, Dominic, & Khan 2011).
xxxxxM-Commerce is another form of E-Commerce just with the use of a mobile device, like a cell phone that has a data plan associated with it, giving it access to the internet. In Bangladesh they have recently realized the value and potential of using E-commerce to support their businesses. In Bangladesh the people are more likely to have a mobile phone then a personal computer or a hard wire internet connection. Bangladesh currently has a total of six mobile phone companies with over 43.7 million subscribers between them. This has lead them to use M-Commerce primarily to do business with the rest of the world (Islam, Khan, Ramayah, & Hossain 2011).
This picture shows all the areas in the world that, as of 2010, are currently connected to the internet. Where ever there is an internet connection, there is also the availability of E-Commerce websites.

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