Impacts of Technology

Internet pornography is a major industry With a $2.8 Billon dollar revenue in 2006. This is a 13.6% rise from 2005. The average subscription price for internet pornography websites is $20-$30 monthly. The internet pornography industry (along with the adult film industry) has grown large in southern California due to laws and regulations in other states. The adult entertainment industry also determines what technology makes the cut. The VHS and DVD were supported by the pornography industry, this support made these technologies thrive (Edelman, 2009). Internet search engines have received a lot of revenue from internet pornography websites, Sam Agboola (owner of Danni's Hard Drive, a soft core site) said this about getting your site listed on a search engine; "Nowadays it costs $200 to get a website listed unless you're an adult website, in which case they charge $600," (Kirk, 2002).



Interpersonal relationships are severely affected by advancement in pornographic technologies; the internet, as used as a means of transmitting pornography, seems to be the most potent. Hertlein and Stevenson (2010) stated that the use of the internet as a means of augmenting a current relationship, coupled with the feelings of betrayal by the other partner; either husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, lead to an increase of stress in the relationship which can lead to divorce or separation. Additionally, the majority of couple therapists have stated that they are not trained in dealing with relationship problems that have an internet component. People who are constantly connected to the internet also seem to have problems maintaining a relationship or may develop commitment issues. However, it is also stated that the internet, even if pornography is used, can help create new interpersonal relationships or keep interpersonal relationships alive over greater periods of time and greater distances (Hertlein & Stevenson, 2010).

As Pornography has become more and more popular over the last 10 years is seems as though the demographic has started to become a little interesting. Standard Demographic variables like income, age, and education seem to be associated with adult online subscriptions. Such as the $1000 increase in average household income in a zip code is associated with a 0.36 percent increase in subscriptions. Interestingly enough, the elderly are less likely to subscribe: a 1 percent increase in residents of age 65 or older (as a proportion of zip code population) yields a 0.13 percent reduction in subscriptions. Whereas a 1 percent increase in residents aged 15-24 yields a 0.19 percent increase in subscriptions at one adult entertainment service. This shows that as we get older we almost completely loose interest in internet pornography as a whole across the country (Edelman, 2009).


Benefits and Drawbacks Table
Advancements in technology
Can cause addiction
Can be considered artistic
May be linked with violent sexual violent behavior
Helps economy
Exposure to children

May lead to relationship issues

Transition statement:
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