Ethics and Technology

  • An article by Diana Gorgos discusses why our military and dependents have cosmetic surgery benefits. In order for the military to continue to have cosmetic surgeons, they need patients. Could this be a ploy to attract new recruits? Military personnel have to obtain permission from their commanding officer and this is not an easy accomplishment. Retired personnel do not have to get permission, and they have to pay at a discounted rate. The military monitors and maintains that a limited amount of cosmetic surgeries take place. This is to ensure that the cosmetic surgeons maintain their skills to enable them to be able to compete when their tour is completed.
  • According to Natalie Kita Insurance companies only cover the cost of cosmetic surgery if it is reconstructive surgery. If the surgery is being done to improve your appearence it is not covered.

‍Religious Beliefs‍ 
  • Iran law is based on Islamic beliefs. In Iran being gay is illegal and you will be killed. There have been approximately 4,000 gays killed in Iran. But it is legal to have a sex reassignment surgery performed and become the opposite sex. "Islamic law considers sex changes as a human right just like the right of health, marriage, education, and so on. (Javaheri, F, 2010, p 368)" This decision of sex change is based on "Gender Identity Disorder" and is deemed to be a medical neccessity for the surgery. This procedure can take between six months and two years until completed. After completion of the procedure they will need to acquire a new name and new birth certificate. (Javaheri, F, 2010, p 365-377)
  • There have been multiple people that have fled Iran and have requested asylum in other coutries to prevent being killed for their sexuality. There are no exact numbers for people who have had the procedure done and changed their lives.

Transition Statement: The next page will discuss the relavency and give a summary of cosmetic surgery.

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