Ethics and Technology

Fairness: Will this technology help us overcome our differences?discrimination.jpg

Many claim that this is the technology that will allow as to keep up with the new global trends and that this is definitely the most efficient form of networking without facing discrimination due to ones color, race , age, gender, appearance and even religion. And the main reason why this is possible is because web based social media, allows us to target members of a specific background. So, as globalization takes over the modern world many claim that this technology is the answer to those terrible ethical issues. For instance, in Lebanon online groups are creating a space that brings people from various sects and cultures closer together by demystifying their tenets and the Lebanese Women's Right to Nationality and Full Citizenship has accrued more than 20,000 members on Facebook to support all Lebanese women's right to pass on their nationality to their children and list goes on (correa, 2010).

Common Good: Is this technology bringing us together or is it taking us apart?logo.gif

There are many barriers that prevent people from social networking. Such barriers include, distance, being shy, social differences, not having access to the same places and the list goes on. The good news is that the internet allows us to overcome those barriers very easily. As a result, the reality that we are facing now is that we end up having a contact list full of virtual friends with no real face to face friends. Rebecca Swenny who works for the department of internet studies at Curtin University addresses questions that touch the common good aspect surrounding this technology.Questions such as, are virtual friends really going to be there for us at times when we may need the prompt intervention of a friend? Or, do we even know the real character of a virtual friend to trust him/her enough to the point where we could be totally open and feeling secure with them? How much of a friend are our real friends? Is it really worth it to be spending our time investing in our virtual relationships while loosing our basic essential people skills as well as our communication skills? To arrive at a conclusion, when we make a cost versus benefits analisys about this technology, we may be left with serious doubts about how much of a common good this technology actually provides (Swenny, 2011).

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