‍‍‍‍Ethics and Technology‍‍‍‍

Human Rights

Every year more and more women are wounded and speak out in sorrow on the physical, emotional, spiritual, and psychological harm they have suffered and still suffer as a direct result of their abortions. This pain and suffering often occurs as a result of the fact that women choose abortion without adequate and accurate information about the procedure itself, its risks, alternatives, and long-term consequences. These experiences reflect the fact that abortion clinics often fail to provide adequate and accurate medical information to women considering abortion.

Ultrasound requirements provide an essential medical purpose in that they diagnose ectopic pregnancies which, if left undiagnosed, can result in infertility or even fatal blood loss. And just as importantly, ultrasound requirements guarantee informed choice because they allow a woman to see her unborn child as he or she really is, by seeing his or her form and face on a screen and also by hearing the heartbeat. This is why routine 
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utrasounds are needed, because these women have a right to information (Americans United for, 2010, p. 2).


‍Duty or Obligation‍‍‍

Diagnostic ultrasound technology can be used for purposes other than detecting deficiencies or diseases in fetuses before the gestational limit for legal abortion. Whether it is to select fetuses with respect to their characteristics (other than severe disease) is an ethical issue existing in diagnostic ultrasound technology. Technology only raises these value issues and makes them more apparent. The use of a diagnostic ultrasound does not necessarily entail prenatal selection for all possible conditions or characteristics. However, before technology made it possible to perform selective termination of pregnancies, we were not forced to decide on these kinds of ethical issues (Hoffman, 2006).

Transition Statement: Now that we have examined the ethics of Ultrasound we can move on to relavency and a brief summary.

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