Ethics and Technology
XXXXAnyone and everyone has the opportunity to start a business online because of e-commerce. In addition, a physical business owner has the opportunity to expand their business online because of its cost effective feature and easy maintenance. Someone that does not want to own an onsite location does not have to if they do not want to. In comparison, an online business owner does not have to have a physical location if they don’t please. Dealing with e-commerce is a free and accessible land of opportunity for everyone. There are many advantages of starting an online business. Unlike a traditional on site business, there is not physical building where rent, electricity and water has to be paid for as well as other taxes that may have to be accounted for. In addition, most people who are online business owners have the advantage of working directly from the comfort of their own home. It should be known however, that not everyone may succeed, but everyone has a fair chance(Downing, 2006).


xxxxxxIndividuals no longer feel the need to leave their house to go shopping for anything anymore, due to the fact that they have it all at their finger tips in the comfort of their own home because of e-commerce. Individuals can view books from, purchase lingerie from, purchase photo frames from or a television from E-commerce has grown into an interesting phenomenon that enhances the lives of everyday individuals. It has made life much easier in the business world and the household. E-commerce as well as technology on a whole is transforming and improving with every passing day(Spector,2008).

Transition Statement:
The next section will discuss the relevancy of E-Commerce and summarize the main points of this wiki.

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